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Dark Sector Review

8 May 2008 No Comment

Produced by Digital Extremes, Dark Sector, has been almost 4 years in the making, and on the face of it seems time has been a fickle mistress.
It is clear from the outset that Dark Sector is a game with one original premise: when things get killed they bleed a lot – now lets make that into a story. From this point the developers seem to have been influenced by other titles that have launched in the meantime. In the main this isn’t a bad thing, the cover system for example (as used in Gears of War) is intuitive and easy to use, and aftertouch (as seen in heavenly sword) makes a very effective appearance later on in the game. Unfortunately the story itself doesn’t quite hit the mark, there are many other games around at the moment that look as good as Dark Sector does (and it does look good), and that also manage to tell a sensible and coherent story, but having said that the story telling isn’t quite as impenetrable as Lost Planet, and quite frankly the mayhem you can unleash as Special Ops agent Hayden Tenno, wielding his much heralded Glaive as the weapon of choice is distinctly satisfying.

The story goes something like this: Hayden Tenno is a government agent sent to Lasria, a member state of the former Soviet Union, where he must battle evil bad guy called Mezner who is hell bent on taking over the world with some sort of toxic substance that turns everyone who comes in contact with it into zombies, monsters and a whole load of other freakshows. However during a battle with once of Mezzner’s henchmen, Tenno becomes infected with the very same virus he has come to destroy – fortunately it just means his arm turns metal and gives him some cool powers like invisibility and the ability to generate force fields at will, and of course lets not forget The Glaive: Quite possibly the coolest weapon in any game ever. Similar to a throwing Star that comes back to the source, Hayden Uses the Glaive to slice and dice his opponents to great effect – especially when you gain the ability to add aftertouch. Aftertouch, once matered, lets you guide the Glaive round corners and chase down victims severing limbs and decapitating heads in glorious slow motion. Something that I never tired of (not sure if thats a good or a bad thing!).

The game naturally comes attached with an 18 certificate and has in fact been banned in Australia, but thankfully I am over 18 and I’m not Australian so thats not a problem. For the large part I love this game, its not too challenging in single player mode and the dismal narrative doesn’t get in the way too much.

The online gameplay offers two types of game: Epidemic and Infection. Both these games types are meant for 10 players, but you can include bots to make up any shortfall. In an epidemic game type there are two teams, each led by a Hayden, the objective is simply to see which team can kill the other teams leader first. Infection sees one player cast as Hayden, who must survive as long as possible while trying to kill all of the other nine players single handedly. The most fun is had when you get to play as Hayden when you get to make full use of the shield and Glaive against your hapless adversaries, even though he is significantly outnumbered.

On the whole Dark Sector Scores a solid 8/10 from me simply because it looks so good and the Glaive is really cool.

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